Floral Madness: the decorative trend and where to find it
Nov 2018

The truth is that the floral pattern has never gone out of style.
It has always existed and will always continue to exist.
However, we couldn't help but notice a Revival of this tendency that we call Floral Madness.

Fiore Botanico by Chivasso / CA1444/041
79,90€ / per meter


Jane Churchill is one of the greatest names that makes this pattern so fashionable.
She manages to combine unlikely colors, floral wallpapers with geometric fabrics and turn them into something totally colorful and irresistible.


The floral pattern is extremely versatile and adaptable to any home, it's also easy to combine essentially with plain fabrics and wallpapers.
Nina Campbell, although in a more classic and conservative style, also combines the floral and country trend to the most diverse graphic and geometric patterns.
Nina uses sober and clear colors and detailed patterns conjugated with a "Modern Classic" furniture, invoking her British roots.

For bolder options there is Christian Lacroix.
This amazing designer, born in Bouches-du-Rhône in southern France creates wonderful yet risky patterns.
If you love to take risks, if you are tired of bland, plain or boring decoration, you really should give it a try.

Poppy has countless options for these floral patterns that promise to be timeless.
James Malone, Jab Anstoetz, Carlucci and Chivasso are other brands that support this trend by continuing to launch new collections every month.


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