Aurora Amethyst Tall Vase


Voyage Maison


Aurora Amethyst Tall Vase

Each individual piece of Voyage Maison Elemental artistic glassware is hand blown by skilled craftsmen using the same methods practiced for thousands of years.

Coloured glass compounds made from minerals and metals are mixed during the shaping of the molten glass at a temperature above 1,500 degrees.

At this stage natural features including color movement, small bubbles and surface textures come alive - each one completely unique, a piece to be treasured.

Aurora Amethyst shows us uplifting swirls in timeless cool hues inspired by natural light displays in high latitude areas of the Earth's sky.

Size: 36.5 x 20 cm
Color: Amethyst
Material: Hand Blown Art Glass
Cleaning Instructions:  Gently wash with lukewarm mild soapy water.
Air dry and buff with a clean dry soft cotton cloth.