Caribbean Party Candle



Caribbean Party

Nº5 Caribbean Party scented candle.

100% handmade with love, Caribbean Party is a scented candle that has the Summer scent of Cozumel Island in México with sweet and fresh notes of your favorite cocktail: Piña Colada.

It has a nice wooden wick that creates a more intense and dramatic flame - you can actually hear beautiful crackling noises when the candle is lit.


Signs that your candle needs a trim:
1. Your wick is forming soot
2. Your wick is smoking
3. The  flame is growing to high and flickering excessively


Composition: 100% Soy Wax / Wood Wick / Glass Container 
Scent: Coconut, Pineapple & Caribbean Sea
Diameter: 6 cm
Burn time: Up to 40 hours


* Always happy to answer any questions as we understand wooden wicks are not as common as the usual cotton ones.