Out Of The Blue 180g Candle


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Out Of The Blue

Out Of The Blue 180g scented candle

The warmth of fresh figs, wood and honeyed fruit blends with bittersweet fig leaves to immerse you in the evocative scent of the Mediterranean.
Made in England with 100% natural wax. We are committed to protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint.
This candle is made by manufacturing partners who share our values and constantly strive to improve the sustainability of products we produce, for example, by planting more trees than they use each year.
Burn time approximately 30 hours.


Wax: 50% Soy, 40% Rapeseed, 10% Beeswax
Holder: Glass
Scent: Woody and Fruity
Weight: 180 gr
Burn time: Up to 30 hours