About Poppy


Poppy exists since September 2018.

It was launched on a hot summer day in Portugal, but it was founded two years earlier by Catarina Rogado.

Good things take some time.

Currently, we are an online shop that sells home accessories such as blankets,
throws, quilts, candles, diffusers, rugs, towels, cushions, fabrics and wallpapers all over the world in order
to make your home look cosy and comfortable.

We have no roots because we live everywhere.



The Poppy business philosophy is to combine exclusivity and sophistication with the highest levels of quality:
quality of design, product, service and people.

We want to empower you to imagine, and that's why our motto is: You dream, we create

Since we work in partnership with a decoration studio - Atelier Carlos Rogado, you can choose any fabrics,
from any brand, any pattern, any color and immediately schedule its transformation to an exclusive,
personalized and tailor-made product.

We provide the utmost standard in quality and style for your home, with a minimalist and personalized approach,
relying on your wishes and creativity to add something remarkable to an unforgettable and unique conception.