Founded in 2018 in Portugal, Poppy is an Home Decor online shop that combines your favorite luxury brands, comfort, cosiness, creativity, sophistication and exclusivity with the highest levels of quality: quality of design, product and service. We provide the utmost standard in style for your home, with a minimalist and personalized approach, relying on your wishes and creativity to add something remarkable to an unforgettable and unique conception.



  • Atelier Carlos Rogado, Lda

    Poppy works directly with a decoration studio with more than 20 years of experience - Atelier Carlos Rogado, Lda. Here you can choose any fabrics, any pattern, any color, from any brand and immediately schedule its transformation to an exclusive, personalized and tailor-made product.

  • Our Brands

    We connect you to the freshest and most exciting and beautiful collections from the world’s leading luxury home decor brands. We’ve built strong and long-standing partnerships with the leading designers, which allows us to create amazing seasonal collections of your favorite home decor pieces.