Aloha Oyster Grey Fabric




Aloha Oyster Grey Fabric

Jacquard fabric with geometric and exotic design, from which we pretend to make you feel the relaxed and tropical environment.
The 30% of Cupro yarns in this fabric, provides unique elegance in it’s reflexes of the colors like as it if was a silk, but with a much higher resistance.
There’s an entire world of positive energies and tropical vibrations in the 5 colors we present you.
A regenerated cellulose fiber derived from cotton linter (the ultrafine, silky fibers that stick to the seeds of the cotton plant after it’s been ginned) that has been dissolved in a solution of ammonia and copper oxide.

Composition: 30% Cupro, 26% Linen; 32% Viscose; 12% Polyester
Width: 137 cm
Weight: 445 g/m
Lightfastness: 4
Rapport Vert.: 33 cm
Rapport Horiz.: 15,8 cm