Lascialle Greige Soft Squares Feather Cushion




Lascvialle Greige Soft Squares Feather Cushion

This cushion is just perfect for any interior scheme! 
With a beautiful squared pattern in Greige (Grey + Beige) in the front and a plain fabric in the back, Lascialle Greige Soft Squares decorative cushion is comfortable, sophisticated, elegant, exclusive and creates a lovely match with other cushions from collection Lascialle.

This plump cushion is stuffed with the highest quality goose feathers which helps to add a touch of luxury to your bedtime.
Feather pillows are also designed with a cotton exterior to help keep the feathers neatly encased within the cushion whilst also ensuring that the feathers will remain in place throughout the night.

Poppy's cushions are made from fabric scraps, filling and fringes from other creations and discontinued collections.
This way, we reuse amazing materials that would end up in trash, avoiding waste and promoting sustainability.

Shape: Square
Dimensions: 45 x 45 cm