Meixedo Handwoven Rug From Upcycled Materials In Blue


Haims Porto

Meixedo Handwoven Rug

Meixedo Handwoven Rug From Upcycled Materials In Blue


The signature material consists of upcycled fibers, rescued from the textile and fashion industries, which would otherwise end up in a landfill.
By using this by-product material we not only help to reduce waste, but also to manufacture products with an individual design.
No two pieces are the same, the uniqueness and individuality are always present.
These rugs are handwoven in traditional wooden looms by talented artisans in northern Portugal.
This ancient technique of weaving which uses no electricity is a beautiful meditative art that allows for creative expression. 
[Handmade in Portugal]

Material: Upcycled Mixed Fibers