Promenade d'Automne Scented Candle



Promenade d'Automne

Promenade d'Automne scented candle

As the Autumn breeze rustles through the leaves and the days grow cooler, we're thrilled to introduce "Promenade d'Automne," a candle inspired by nature and all-things cozy.
This handmade scented candle captures the essence of Fall with the comforting aroma of sweet apples and freshly backed cinnamon rolls.
100% handmade using eco-friendly and non-toxic products, such as coconut wax, wooden wicks (to create a unique crackling sound when burning) and pure essential oils, "Promenade d'Automne" invites you to slow down and savor this season's simple pleasures.

Whether it graces your coffee table, bath time ritual, or reading nook, this candles celebrates the arrival of Autumn with a scent that captures its essence, just as you asked.

Composition: 100% Coconut Wax / Wood Wick / Glass Container / Wood Cover
Scent: Handpicked apples and homemade cinnamon rolls
Weight: 400 gr
Burn time: Up to 40 hours