Gondomar Sustainable Rug From Upcycled Fibers In Pink


Haims Porto

Gondomar Sustainable Rug

Gondomar Sustainable Rug From Upcycled Fibers In Pink


The raw material consists of upcycled textile fibers of the textile and Fashion industries, which would actually end up in a garbage dump.
We don't just use this unused and robust material to help reduce waste, but to customize products, to manufacture design and functional use in a way that conserves resources.

Our carpets are powered on by muscle power wooden looms in a traditional artisan tradition in northern Portugal woven.
By using this oldest production method of Carpets create individual floor clothes for your home. Included are small variances in shape or color characteristics unique and honest craftsmanship.
And why should one would you prefer a handmade carpet to a machine-made one?
Handcrafted products have a soul. Inspire your home.
[Handmade in Portugal]

Material: Upcycled Fibers